Digitization and Business Ethics

Call for Papers

Do, 15.02.18

The Peter Loescher Chair of Business Ethics and Global Governance at the Technical University of Munich and the research group Ethics of Digitization organize an international conference on Digitization and Business Ethics. The conference will be held at the Technical University of Munich from 20–21 September 2018.

Digitization is changing all aspects of human life and has become a prominent topic across disciplines. Due to the complexity of the issues of digitization, they need to be addressed in a transdisciplinary way. This conference focuses specifically on questions of business ethics linked to digitization issues. Digitization is a major topic in economics and business management, political sciences, engineering, medicine and ethics. Business ethics needs to undertake a balanced assessment of the opportunities, risks and social norms in a world increasingly shaped by digital technologies.

Keynote speakers
Cristina Bicchieri Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics, Director of the Behavioral Ethics Lab University of Pennsylvania
Luciano Floridi Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information and Director of the Digital Ethics Lab University of Oxford , Oxford Internet Institute

We invite contributions that approach questions of Digitization and Business Ethics from different perspectives including (but not necessarily limited to) the following topics:
  • Autonomous Driving: E thical issues of highly automated and connected vehicles
  • Digitization in Finance: Fintechs, Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and high frequency trading
  • Big Data and Databases: Between data security and effective data exchange
  • Digital Issues in Health: The transparent patient and human - machine - interactions in healthcare
  • Social Norms and Digitization : Expectations and behavior in analogue and digital sociotopes
  • Digitization and t he Future of Labor: Ethical guidelines for digital work environments
  • Digitization and Societal Resistance: Intuitive and reflected r esentments against digital innovations
  • Ethics of Algorithms: Accountability and transparency in consumer affairs
  • Digital Issues in Education: Enhancing digital literacy and new digital education strategies Please send an abstract of about 250 words together with author’s name, affiliation, contact information, and a biographical sketch of less than 100 words to no later than 15th February 2018. We plan to publish a selection of conference papers.

Important dates
Deadline for abstract submissions: 15th February 2018
Notification of accepted/rejected abstracts: 1st March 2018

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