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4. DFG Symposium Media Studies

The 4th Symposium in Media Studies on the topic of “filters”, takes place as part of the series of “Symposia in Media Studies” from 30 March to 2 April 2020 in the Villa Vigoni at Lake Como, Italy.

The symposia in this series are research conferences with a programmatic orientation and with a particular form that provide excellent opportunities for common professional self-reflection and positioning; that promote disciplinary self-assurance (also in the context of competing disciplines); and that search for a solid and reflected basis for interdisciplinary exchange. The Symposia in Media Studies aim at enabling exemplary discussions within German-speaking Media Studies that rarely or never happen during daily work routines at universities due to the increasing specialisation of research in Media Studies.

The 4th Symposium in Media Studies addresses the entire range of operations and technologies of filtering within their systematic contexts. The concept of filtering, with its material, aesthetic and political implications, as outlined above, addresses the multifarious approaches and facets of media studies and draws novel connections between them. Further, the concept enables us to take up current public debates regarding digitalisation and to develop robust media studies positions, to be discussed in four sections: (1) the history, materiality and aesthetics of filters, (2) algorithmic filters in digital cultures, (3) the politics of filtering, and (4) media studies as an actor in academic research and the public sphere.



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